Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010-06-22 Burlington ON - Toronto ON

So, started waking up at my host's place having breakfast and still have some chat about my host's father who is in the ScreenGuard business (it's a protective sheet who helps keep the keyboard and the screen of Your laptop clean) and would show the product in universities, I went back to Hamilton for a lunch gathering on a proposed Portuguese restaurant, I had so many positive emergency replies (Once again thanks Adrian), that I should set a meeting before heading to Toronto. Thanks for joining!
During the lunch it was raining non stop and heavy rain, but as Mr Peter likes me, just gave me a bit on the begining and the rest was just a cloudy day until Toronto.
When arriving to Toronto by the shore, entered to the city centre and saw many tall fences (Thought were for construction) and Police, sirens and all the protection on the streets. If could be for my arrival, but no, it was about the G20 summit that will happen this weekend here in Toronto.

About biking, completely flat, very easy to make, despite some traffic in urban areas, but Canadians are bike friendly, so You'll not have any complaints!

Route: 2010-06-22 Burlington ON - Toronto ON

Time: 6h21m, Distance 91,06km/56,58mi Moving time: 5h39m, Max Speed: 36km/h, Average: 16,1km/h Total: 1379,98km/857,48mi

And the song: Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life

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  1. go go SERGIO!!! good luck, my friend! :* (hug)