Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010-06-21 Buffalo NY (USA) - Burlington ON (Canada)

And once again, another late night post, but these last days were been such a mess and hurry, but this time it ended up very well :)
Departed from Buffalo at around 12, after breakfast, 10 minute Jacuzzi and prepairing, and in stead of ending in Niagara Falls (40km) and due to not having any host, then decided to continue to Hamilton area!
It was soo amazing how many people were willing to host me, such a great welcome right on the moment I entered Canada! The Rainbow bridge has pedestrians crossing as well, and the funny was when some people asked me that if I was going to Canada, just replied, yeah, sure, why not? You don't? They didn't seemed American or European, so maybe they didn't knew that the countries of the European Union don't need any visas to enter Canada (or any other American country).
A note for bikers os that You to enter on the normal road side, pay 50cent toll for cross the bridge, and get a stamp on Your passport if You are accepted.
After Niagara Falls the route is very flat and the shoulders are not that wide (on route 20), another note there are plenty of cars with many international flags (due to world cup) and saw lot's of portuguese flags! Some big size! As i was cycling with Portugal football t-shirt, it was easy to recognize me (Portugal had won 7-0 to North Korea). So many greetings and there was still time to help an old man to carry his big washing machine to his place, right near Hamilton!
Another big note is that after post a message on the Hamilton group on Couchsurfing, I had lot's of accepted requests, but unfortunately I can be at only one place, so, today, I'll spend the morning in Hamilton, make a gathering somewhere in the city and then heading to Toronto.

Thank You very very much for the great welcome in Canada! Love you all!

Route: 2010-06-21 Buffalo, NY USA - Burlington, ON, Canada

Time: 08h33m, Distance 139,93km/86,95mi Moving time: 6h55m, Max Speed: 59km/h, Average: 20,3km/h

And the song: Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere


  1. You are welcome anytime again!

  2. Thank You Jenna!!! Let me know when will You be in Europe too! Send my regards to everyone over there as well! Big hug!