Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank You everyone!

Well as some of You may know, due to the visa situation and the expenses with them, I had to suspend this adventure due to waiting times for these visas (Kazakhstan and Kirghistan at least), which made me arrive late for Alaska (if I could earn founds or had any gift from some airline), making it impossible to visit.
I had my founds counted well for at least reach Australia, and when the money ends, then activate my insurance to return to Portugal.
So I could say that i am proud to survive Russia (was always a myth), but come on! Don't paint it black as many people claim! It was purely normal to cycle in Russia, or Poland or even Germany (of course not having bike routes), so if You behave well and be modest, nothing will happen to You and You will share only the positive things of any adventure You make!
So, i had some lessons, specially for visa bureaucracy, which for me is more for business than real security or border control, and made me think the world we are living, however I don't care about politics, I only care about people and hope to make everyone comfortable when sharing experiences with them!
So, if I don't get married or have a super job or get bored (but this time with extra budget) I may continue this adventure and better planned of course, and this time not depending on anyone (financially speaking of course).
So I can say that I can survive to extreme weather but not to bureaucracy.
Thank You for all the motivation You gave me, to everyone I met on the way, to the couchsurfers who hosted me and made me feel like I never felt before, making me feel soo welcome even if were for few hours! I wished I could stay much longer, It makes me want to repeat the same route with much more days for my hosts, really really thank You! It was really something (right Andrei?)
So for this finale here are some pics of my last day of cycling in Moscow:
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
Russians can speak English! But only with Russian letters :)
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
One fake photo for some people:
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
If anyone knows this lady please tell her:
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
I had recorded the KLM file of my cycling day in Moscow, so You can see for yourself.
Recommended to use Google Earth.

Also the doubts about trains, I has written here my train parts, but to remove any doubts I say that I had traveled by train between Saint Petersburg (due to visa registration, and safety told by some people), Vladimir-Nizhniy Novgorod (due to possible bad weather and recommendation of my host), Samara-Moscow (getting new Visas and leave Russia), Moscow-Riga (leaving Russia before new visa expires).

And that's it! Thank You for everything! Really thank You! I am really sorry for not be able to continue, but hope that will be done in a very new future.
See you in Portugal (at least)!


  1. just checking your blog, and... what a surprise !!!

    but cool blog and thanks for sharing experience ;)

  2. Muito bom seu blog! Eu também não entendo direito esse negócio de burocracia, de vistos, etc. O mundo deveria ser livre.

  3. Did you know you can also just copy-past the .kml file address
    into the Google Maps website and it will display your map for you? If all you need to do is view a kml file, there's no need to install google earth! And then, using Google Maps "link" button, you can share a web-link to that map, so no one else needs to install google earth to view your map either. For example...
    your kml map in Google Maps!

    Also, you can embed a "Google Map" into your blog, where people can see your map, click on it, zoom and pan around, right within your website, just by using the Google Maps "link" button. One example is here Pretty nifty, eh? And oh so easy to do.

  4. Thanks George! I already learned last months. I'll upload the KML directly to the google maps like I made in other couchsurfing meetings. And this time the photos while cycling will be geo tegged, so You will know their location.