Friday, April 17, 2009

And bureaucratic problems just started!

Good evening!
Now that I had arrived to the border (and I surprised of an international border have no one who is able to speak English), and after some hours of waiting, while Russia and Kazakhstan borders were exchanging calls, I think I was still the hero of the day by bringing one Russian officer to the Kazakhstan side, and even so, no one speaking English, they informed that I should get the Visas all in Moscow!
As my Russian Visa will expire tomorrow (and i mentioned that) they said there were no problems in get the Russian part (however they have my Russian visa form, so I was leaving on legal date for Russia).
So and this is quite in a hurry and my first thing to do is get visa extended for Russia, it made me have of the following thoughts (due to finance and had no financial sponsorship or donation):
A: Check the price for train and visa to China, start cycling from Beijing till Singapore and continuing the planned route.
B: Just get the extra days for Russian visa and just come back to European union and just end this attempt of cycling the world.
Well.. that's it for now. Excluding extending the Russian visa, i don't know what to do or where to go, as i believe buying the visas for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and other permits will empty my wallet (and this excluding the train trip to the border as well).

So.. stats of today: B.Chern. - Border RU/KZ - B.Chern. 114.07km in 6h42m33s, Total:3696.9km AVG: 17.0km/h (Opposite side wind in both ways)
Photo of the day: I saw Kazakhstan! But didn't crossed :(

Bol'shaya Chernigovka - Border RU/KZ - Share on Ovi

Song of the day: Yeah Yeah Yes - Zero

And Yesterday: Samara - Bol'shaya Chernigovka:153.09km in 7h33m50s, Total: 3582.9km, AVG: 20.2km/h (The warmest day I had in Russia, felt like really spring! But I was sooo used to the cold...)

The pic: Diesel power
Samara - Bol'shaya Chernigovka - Share on Ovi

And the song: Likky Lee and Royksopp - Miss it so much

And by the way!! i have to thank Anastassia and her mother for hosting me in Samara during the previous days and also tonight when I need to return to Moscow tomorrow!

And also someone who should i thank Manuel Santos (in Germany)from the beginning of my journey for hosting me some weeks before this quest and also gave me a great help on preparing this trip as well!


  1. Your story is fake! U don't have any water on your bike, your bicyle bags (and backpack) are NOT rain proof,, how can you drive 10 hours on rain?! where is your tend? why you have photos of all train stations?? and WHERE is YOU on yor photos,, it's a fake! shame on you!

  2. yes, Dario, i am fake, i created the fake couchsurfing profiles and the fake references, plus I exactly knew the weather conditions and photoshopped them to look genuine and matching with the weather, of course there is no petrol stations or supermarkets on a range of at least 40km, specially in Europe on main roads, now seriously Dario... had you seen my couchsurfing profile, had you seen all the photos on ovi, well.. i am soooo expert in editing photos that i can edit and change 100 photos a day! shall i give you the link? and dude, there is something called snow, waterproof jacket and in some cases plastic garbage bags for protect the stuff on the rain (despite that luckily was not torrential rain). Oh, some of my fake hosts had seen me on shorts and summer glasses, you know is hot summer in Russia, right? Have a brain and study the facts before any judgment! Seriously!

  3. Ah, on the places I had fake hosts, you want my fake hotel receipts? they really look genuine but they are fake! Beware! Some dogs bite specially when you cycle!

  4. "Dario Grzelj" = means dumb in portuguese language !!!

  5. ok antonio , i'm from croatia
    sergio, please tell me. do you drink water? where is it? plus notebook,, plus things for around the world? come on. OR you have gold american card :D

  6. actually i had money counted to singapore, i would expect some sponsorships on the way, 2nd i intended to buy the tent in kazakhstan when the desert starts, 3rd there are many petrol stations, usually i buy one liter bottle of drink and sometimes refill, 4th as a well known member of couchsurfing in most places i have free accomodation and most of them give me food and drinks for breakfast, however i eat alot only when arrival to my destination, and as you can see most of the trip was in europe, ah, i have also food supplement (saving for desert times). and yes i have some biking history.
    at the moment the kazakhstan visa made me make a big change because my russian visa has expired and need a new one... so.. costs increasing and making me going back to ue. i will explain everything on the blog after i leave russia (as you can see i am stucked in moscow, so.. no posts updated, but follow the twitter, its on the right side).

  7. ok THANX, sorry. but you didn't wrote all of these info. i wish you luck

  8. I "follow" you trip from the start and I never think like Dario, but I have to say - interesting opinion. I'm amateur bicyclist - and now, when I use my brain :) really, how you can be on the world trip without bottle with water, without tent, with non-waterproof bags, and one small thing - with rucksack?!?! I never seen cyclist on big trip with rucksack, because, after 100-200km, the pain is intolerable. furthermore, you travel with extremely little luggage is, if you ask me - strange. I compare you trip with much shorter trips and all cyclist had much more equipment than you. where are tires, where is pump, is everything is you bags??!?!! I know what is couchsurfing and no chance that CS is enough for your accommodation. When Dario mentioned train station, I think that he suggests possibility you travel with train, and in some short part with bicycle. I just saw yours new answer to Dario, and, actually, this is not enough for me. You are on the trip obviously, but, here is something very strange for me. Really sorry if I'm wrong, I just discuss - this is internet. :)) good luck Sergio... btw - it's very late for one globe cyclist :)

  9. ok... so you want me to travel with all this all at once. for example on my riga-frankfurt trip i only had the same backpack as well on the zurich-vienna. for the world i have a bit more, but even so, i was for buying the extra accessories in kazakhstan, 1st because is cheaper than europe (i guess).
    About trains... let me see. Can You find a train line between Nizhniy Novgorod and Ul'yanovsk for example? Why don't you ask my hosts what I have. On any case of doubt just ask them!
    By the way, this is thee first time I cycle with the bags on the bike. All other previous trips were only backpack. Any more questions?

  10. Well, guys, it's really strange what you are discussing here.. All that blaming! Why??

    I met Sergio on his way, while he was in Lithuania, and to me the amount of things he had seemed absolutely normal, if not too much, as I prefer to travel with as little things as possible myself. He has everything needed. But should he show all that in pictures?? That's what you mean? Should Sergio take a picture of all the equipment he carries?? And of a bottle of water and notebook?? You must be kidding.

    CouchSurfing is a perfect way to find a place to stay, if one is able to plan well. There even is a way to find a host on the same day. If not, then there always is a hostel or one can stay with friendly people s/he meets on the way.

    Greetings from Lithuania, Sergio! We follow your trip and wish you the very best of luck!


  11. I've known Sergio for a few years.

    He's one genuine and trustworthy guy. A person with a true golden heart, and quite transparent and honest.

    I understand some suspitions can arise from reading this kind of project. But I'm shure that the testimony of those that he'll meet along his jorney will be more than enough to clear any doubt.

  12. Sergio is a real person doing really great bicycle trips around the world!!!!

  13. Sergio is a real person doing amazing cycling trips around the world! Go Sergio!