Saturday, March 21, 2009

Days 8 and 9 (7 and 8 of cycling) Olsztyn-Olecko-Kaunas (Lithuania)

Good evening!
As I had no internet in Olecko, the previous post was not updated (as well the photos) so here is a 2 in 1 post.
About Olecko-Kaunas (Lithuania) was very very easy day, also with lot's of snow on most of the trip (snowing right after had entered Lithuania) but was a really fast trip. The wind this time was a good friend and adding that to the many trucks who passed by me and gave me a great help by giving some wind for me!
Was a trip sooo easy that I only ate half sandwich and drinked only one can (200ml) of one energy drink (or that or beer, no other drinks to choose on that Polish service area), just to get rid of some polish coins (drinks and food are extremly cheap compared to Germany).
Arrived to Kaunas quite early than expected, but was around 1 hour to find my host's place (numbering issue!)
About road conditons N8 and A5 are perfect for cycling! Good and wide roads
Here is the stats: 167.19km in 7h34m37s total: 1505.9 AVG: 22.1km/h

The picture (N8 going to Lithuania):
Olecko (PL)-Kaunas(LT) - Share on Ovi
Don't worry about the temperature! Worry about the wind!

Song of the day: Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream


About the route Olsztyn-Olecko, was a white day, starting the day very fresh and still thanking Anieta and Woigtek (hope to had written correctly) for the great acomodation and remembering the hosting of 3 years ago and see what had happened during all those times. During the cycling, as there were lots of snow was a perfect day to be fulfilled with mud, and the trip could had been easier if the valve of the front wheel tyre didn't got damaged (malfunction I mean) however here are the stats: 164.9km in 9h09m54s total 1338.7km avg 18km/h.
I had updated the info via twitter/facebook, so on cases I don't have internet access, the stats will be updated daily (as long i have GSM coverage as well).
I had stayed in a kind of hotel, but the room was soo tiny... well... no comments!
Paid 72PLN, for night and breakfast (the recepcionist could not speak any other language beside Polish, advantages? I used my Dutch train discount and used as student card! So there was some discount!)
And the photo of that day:
Olsztyn-Olecko - Share on Ovi

Song of the day: Franz Ferdinand - Can't stop feeling

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  1. Not sure, but probably it was Aneta and Wojtek - the names I mean.

    Did you see a lot of olsztyn, and did yu like it? ;)