Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 7, 6th of Cycling: Bydgoszcz-Olsztyn (March 19)

Good evening!
Today was a day full of anger! Specially because of th wind was against me all the time and never stop changing direction!
It also snowed during the way, but didnt bored with cold! I called all the possible and imaginary names to the reverse wind! Once on a while it's ok, but all the time.. come on!! What have I done? I bring love, not war! Hope the wind understands me!
Well.. now in Olsztyn I am being hosted for a wonderful couple which had hosted me 3 years ago! Great to see them again! And is nice to walk (only for a bit) on the white city! But wait a minute.... Isn't spring already?
Well... here are the stats:
205.27km in 11h32m45s total: 1173.8km AVG:18.5km/h
Some snow and wind on the way.
Had only taken one photo but I will upload them when I have some real rest!
Just came from a big dinner offered by my sweet hosts Anieta and Woigtek!
(hosted me 3 years ago! Great to see them again!)

Now the photo:
Gorzow Wielkopolski - Bydgoszcz - Share on Ovi
Pronounced Piua (not Pila)

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