Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 5, 4th of Cycling: Berlin - Gorzow Wielkopolski

Good evening,
Today was very easy in Germany, but hard on the last 10km on the arrival on the Polish side
The wind was a great friend of me when blowing from west, but after few km after entered Poland, the wind changed to North and as i trusted on the road signs, they made me make more 10km! And heading North! Well... the this is still flat area!
I will make a small change on the route and will be via Gorzow Wielkopolski - Bydgoszcz - Olsztyn - Suwalki and possibly Kaunas and Panevesys in Lithuania
Let's see how the wind blows!

Thank You Peter for a great host in Berlin once again! And Mike make sure you get better and get Your hitchhike plans to Iran as You expect! Great luck!

Here is the pic of the day (feel the wind):

Berlin - Gorzow Wielkopolski - Share on Ovi

And song of the day: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

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  1. Well, never trust polish road-signs! They are almost as misleading as the Portuguese ones :P. And BTW, you should come back and cycle in the southern Poland too, its so very nice and hilly :)...