Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3, Sunday 15th March: Wolfsburg-Berlin

This route was very easy to make, despite the rain I had almost all the time, the wind gave me a great help! Had made 211.82km in 9h49m11s at average speed of 21.6km/h.
There were no mountains or ups and downs but i could say that I hadn't found any supermarket, petrol station or any other refill area for around 80km! Luckly I found a nice German old man who was watching his post mail (but on Sunday????) and asked some water and continue my journey more easily!
Thank You old man!
About the night I crashed into a private party with some drinks and met people from Colombia, Italy, Russia and Germany (of course)
So.. Monday was a relaxing day to see the city and the miniature wonderland!
Thank You Peter (for hosting me in Berlin these 2 nights!
Photo of the day trip:

Day 3 Wolsburg-Berlin - Share on Ovi

Song of the day: The killers - This is Your life


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  2. Where is the photo?
    I am following your blog and spread by my friends.
    To give you some incentive...we have 28º in Portugal!

    All the best :)

    Abraço (HUG)


  3. Too hot for me to cycle! (yet)
    this photo is somewhere around 120km heading to Berlin.