Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 2, Saturday 14th March: Paderborn-Wolfsburg

Good evening, today I arrived late so I don't have much time to put a decent post, so here are the stats of today:
198.55km in 11h02m43s,AVG 18.1km/h, 2 mountains on the way and rain on the last 30km at night.

(now updated)
First of all I would like to thank Sabrina and Aljoscha for a great hosting in Paderborn on which they made me a great dinner despite my late arrival, and also a cake, which was my meal of the day! The only expense I had was a liter of Fanta from a Petrol station (1.75euro).
And of course thank Barbara for hosting me in Wolfsburg and which I loved the "Atum" as well! Very yammy!
But I still have to find much better words to describe all this experience!

The photo of the day:
Day 2 Paderborn-Wolsburg - Share on Ovi

Songof the day: Cut Copy - Far Away

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  1. pretty cool...

    I would like longer posts, anyway I'll follow your blog.
    (it reminds me that I have tu update mine)

    keep going ;)

    theophile bikepunk