Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 16 (14 of cycling) Narva-Saint Petersburg

Good evening, sorry for the late post, had some late arrival and many stuff of mine to clean!
The day started cloudy, then strong snow and rain between the km 30 and 100 and most part of the road were completely full of holes and road in bad shape, however the road is very good on the latest 50km to arrive to Saint Petersburg, and of course the wind from east!
Crossing the border was quite fast for what I thought! But still had to fill out the Visa form which was the only delay (and of course, the many people who wanted to cross on foot or bike).
Had a very nice welcome on the Russian side! Really no inspection, just showed my passport with Visa included, then I insisted in show the consulate receipt (to proof that was more than legal way), and everything's fine! So, they liked my arrival and saluted me!
Now that i am inside Russia, i have to register my visa, which will take me more extra days in Saint Petersbug.
And according to what my host and friends in Saint Petersburg, they recommended me to avoid Bologoye and Tver' due to very unsafe situations and possible life risk, so it made me "cheat" on my cycling, which will make me get the train to Moscow, so more days to explore both cities.
The stat of the day was 165.01km in 8h35m53s total:2478.8km AVG:19.2km/h
And the pic of the day, to confirm the weather I had:

Narva-Saint Petersburg - Share on Ovi

Music of the day was the recorded MQ3 and Bons Rapazes from Antena 3 Portugal.
You can listen on streaming on (MQ3) (Bons Rapazes! what a great company!)

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  1. Sérgio, é o primeiro comentário que faço mas fui dos primeiros a registar-me como seguidor e venho cá sempre que há algo de novo.

    Boa sorte na tua aventura e aproveita estes diasextras para conheceres as maravilhosas cidades de St. Petersburgo e Moscovo!