Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 15 (13 of cycling) Tallin-Narva

Ok... the worst day so far!
Usually the wind blows from west, but unfortunately decided to blow from east right on the moment that I am making complete east side! So.. today and tomorrow!
So.. just have the stats today... Tomorrow have to add 2 hours on the clock (summer time and entering Russia)
Route: 211.30 km in 12h15m43s, total 2313.7km AVG: 17.2km/h
By the way, snow and rain most of the time, only made one photo, I am really angry with this wind! Seriously, but I have my mission, so.. have to face the obstacles.
I apologize for this heavy post.


  1. Sr. Vitor força nessas pernas...

    Uma sugestão, no quadro em que mostras o percurso que pretendes fazer... podes incrementar com o nome dos paises? Assim o pessoal geográficamente inculto fica com uma maior percepção :p

  2. Olá Patricia!
    Os paises estão na abreviatura (RU, CZ, CN e por aí fora, indicam o inicio e fim de cada país)
    E obrigado