Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 11 (10 of cycling) Panevezys-Riga

Good evening once again, now live from beautiful Riga!
Weather was great today, no wind, but I had to be protected against the freezing temperatures.
Road was mostly ok, with expection of some damaged roads on the populated area and on the last 20km arriving to Riga.
Tomorrow will be my resting day for remember a bit more of this sweet city.
Here are the sats of the day: 158.69km in 7h22m06s total:1770.8km AVG:21.5km/h

Photo of the day: (Yes, Martini is in Latvia)

Panevezys - Riga - Share on Ovi

The song of the day: Philip Glass - Runaway Horses (Mishima soundtrack)

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