Friday, October 29, 2010

2010-10-28 Cottbus (DE) - Berlin (DE), Die Ankuft

And for the last part of this tour (ended here due to new job functions, so not getting too much tired before another new first day at work), weather speaking, had mostly opposite wind, no rain, started to be clear while getting closer to Berlin on which arrived on sunset times.
This trip was also passed by swamp area and rivers, on which according to my host in Cottbus (thanks for the night in the art cafe), there is a city on which some houses are only reachable by boat (if I'm not mistaken it is located in Lübbenau), and a bit after that I got into a trail road full of Autumn leafs, yup, the Winter is arriving!
Despite this trip had more 15km than what was planned (was always like that), it really felt so great cycling in the middle of the forest and see some sun says sneaking between the trees. No rush, just enjoy and breathe!

Enjoy and breathe...

Still need to pedal a little more....

And just did it!

The last path: 2010-10-28 Cottbus (DE) - Berlin (DE)

145,96 km in 07h45m Moving time: 07h04m Max speed: 30,0 km/h Average: 20,7km/h Radfest total: 1983,33 km Bike total: 17314,9 km

And the sound of the arrival (I still love You people!): Crystal Castles - Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith)

Soon all the statistics and the combined route.

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