Friday, October 15, 2010

2010-10-14 Delémont (CH) - Zürich (CH)

What a wonderful day! Mountains, the fresh breeze, the meadow, the fresh cut grass, really adorable!

Even more pleasure from here! I made a short video here, but is better to compile with other ones I made

Is never too much to repeat sentences like this:

This time this place was not GPS guided, just followed some signs, despite is not the best for touring, it deserves a passage!

So adorable that my arrival to Zürich was quite late, but hey, that's Switzerland! The mountains, the chocolate, the cheese, the clocks, the cows, and of course their punctuality!(And no, I did not used the train)

But also there are parts of the trip with very flat roads even having plenty of mountains beside, so it is very easy to cycle in Switzerland.

Better geographic explanation than this only on the route recorded on GPS: 2010-10-14 Delémont (CH) - Zürich (CH)

130,94 km in 09h24m Moving time: 07h13m Max Speed: 54,0km/h Average: 18,2 km/h Radfest Total: 678,80 km Bike Total: 16010,2 km

And to listen: Shit Robot - Tuff Enuff

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