Monday, August 9, 2010

2010-08-07 Olympia WA - Portland OR

And another rainy day on pedal, which actually (as I had said before) was easy to pedal, even the trip being longer than 200km.
However the note of the day was having 2 flat tires in one consecutive day! And even worse it was less than 3 miles distance! The first one was in Longview, right before leaving Washington state due to a little metal blade and the second one was right after entering Oregon due to a very tiny steel wire. Also to mention that both flats happened very close to the Shell gas stations. Anothe round of coincidences! So in order to recover some time, the last 80km were done quite in a hurry till arrive to Portland and then heading a bit more South to my hosts place.
Also have to thank my host from Olympia for taking me to a bike party back to Seattle, a really great party for independent bicycle lovers!

Route: 2010-08-07 Olympia WA - Portland OR

Time: 11h45m, Distance 221,43km/137,59mi Moving time: 9h20m, Max Speed: 53km/h, Average: 23,7km/h Total: 6622,01km/4114,73mi

And the song: Kisses - People can do the most amazing things

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