Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010-07-23 Troy MT - Sandpoint ID

This day was very short, road mostly downhill but once I got int the merging of the US2 with the US95, was quite hard to reach Sandpoint, with opposite wind, even going down with big grades the speed wasn't that fast as usual! However it was a great sunny day!
So great that once I arrived to Sandpoint, my host and friends brought me immediately to a lake near in the area! And the water was pretty warm! At least much warmer than the Lake Superior! And ending the night in downtown for a nice finale of this day :)

So I had some freshness on this lake:

Route: 2010-07-23 Troy MT - Sandpoint ID

Time: 5h36m, Distance 107,76km/66,96mi Moving time: 4h58m, Max Speed: 50km/h, Average: 21,7km/h Total: 5224,78km/3246,53mi (GPS failed in Bonners Ferry)

And the song: LCD Soundsystem - Home

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