Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010-07-20 Shelby MT - Bigfork MT

Now that was a real test! As I had to wakeup at 4AM due to the owner of the vans needed to use to work, rainy and stormy night didnt allowed to camp and motels were full, but luckly there was someone who was kind enough to host 3 cyclists (had met 2 who were planning to make the road 2 heading East).

So, after made some little maintenance on their bikes (specially on the scopes and wheel), started the trip at around 8:30 with a wonderful sunny day!
Then the mountain had began! Right passing East Glacier Park! The funny thing, the road was always up till reach Marias Pass, but was so easy to make it that I could cycle faster than a freight train most of the time until he makes a technical stop in the Pass. From there was mainly going down and enjoy the wonderful mountains!
It remainded me cycling in Austria 5 years ago! Very very similar if you exclude the population, the train (replace BNSF to OBB and put overhead wires on the tracks), the weather... so yeah! I made Innsbruck to Feldkirch again :)
Just wonderful! Another day to remember!
Now heading to Kalispell, hope with some time to update the rest of the blog properly! At least the pics and stats!

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