Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010-06-19 Binghamton NY - Geneva NY: Sometimes the wrong road might be the right one

Now this day was really a crazy day!
After leave Kelly's (and flatmates) place, I crahsed into a strawberry festival in Owego, the GPS suggested to direct north, however as I intend to go via a big city and national road, as for what had figured, the national roads are more flat and bigger shoulders, so continued on the road 17c.
After a while, my stock of water got empty and there were no food point on the way, so I saw someone taking care of his garden. Asked him for some water and he gave me 2 bottles from the fridge, we had some chat about this trip and the other ones, and so Señor Ramón asked me if I was going to Geneva, checked on my phone, it seemed quite on the direction to Buffalo, so yeah, is not that far, I can reach Geneva tonight! So, Sr Ramón offered me a 15USD discount on his restaurants that he owns on the New York state area.
So, route changed, posted a message on facebook informing that was going to Geneva and as Adrian was online, he kindly made requests on my behalf! After few hours I had already 3 positive replies!
So... arriving to James place, I told him that I had discounts for the mexican restaurant! And by coincidence he had lunch there, but still we went there!
When arriving to the restaurant, asked if Sr Ramón was in the restaurant (as he told me hasta luego, I assumed that he was heading to Geneva), and the employee said that was his brother Jesus.
As I told him that I had met his brother on the way, and he had offered me discount for his restaurant and that he was on his yard, he just offered the entire dinner for me and my host!
We had a long night of chatting, Jesus suggested me a very Yummy "Pollo norteño" which was really awesome! A must try! And also teached me how to eat like a genuine mexican! Meaning how to pick food with a tortilla :) Yup! Something that I'll teach in Europe!
It was a really crazy day!
I tried to find the restaurants website but there are info on google as well:
Restaurant Garcia's Mexican restaurant

And this pic is quite before arriving to Geneva on a wine area.

Route: 2010-06-19 Binghamton NY - Geneva NY

Time: 10h51m, Distance 184,30km/114,52mi Moving time: 8h57m, Max Speed: 49km/h, Average: 20,8km/h

And the song: The Juan MacLean - Feel So Good

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