Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010-06-28 Sudbury ON - Iron Bridge ON

This day was the longest so far, on which had quite a bad start as the only ATM you could find was in the center of the town on which made me waste 10km and had a late start.
Then the wind was mostly opposite but luckly it wasn't that strong, however as I was arriving quite late, my host Andrij picked me up when I was 15km nearby their place.
On the arrival had a great supper and a wonderful sunset on the lake. Thank Yuu very much Cathy and Andrij! Also for sharing me your photos form Iceland on which gave me more interest to visit them!

So, hope this photo make You bring peace and tranquility.

Route: 2010-06-28 Sudbury ON - Iron Bridge ON

Time: 10h11m, Distance 194,01km/120,55mi Moving time: 9h09m, Max Speed: 40km/h, Average: 21,2km/h Total: 1956,74km/1215,86mi

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