Friday, April 3, 2009

Saint Petersburg and Moscow

Good morning!
At the moment I am in Moscow, after spending some great days in Saint Petersburg (courtesy of my great host Alyona, who had great patiente for hosting me and showing me the city, tell the story of the city and also for the great cooking sessions! Even being vegetarian cooking! And helping me on the purchase of the train ticket to Moscow. Also thanks Katerina as well, also had a goos time with her!)
About the night train it was really a great experience! Staring to ask if I could bring the bike on the train, then telling me to put the bike on the 1st carriage and with all the misunderstandings I putted the bike over my bed and problem solved! It fit's!
My bike on S. Petersburg-Moscow night train - Share on Ovi
Soon I will tell about my arrival to Moscow!
See You!

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