Sunday, April 12, 2009

Between Moscow and Samara... so many things to tell!

Good evening!
Finally arrived to Samara and with some time to keep the posts updated!
On some places I had no internet, some I arrived late to my hosts and of course, I have to spend more time with my hosts in stead of spending the time on internet! I hope You apologize me for that.
So... here is the update between Moscow and Samara:
12 April: Dimitrovgrad - Samara (21th of cycling),
The easiest day for cycle so far! The north wind was a good friend of mine, roads were mostly ok (exception of M5 on the arrival to Samara), clear blue sky and for the 1st time temperatures above 10 degrees! Finally!
The stats was: 162.05km in 7h03m37s, Total:3429.6km, AVG: 23km/h, Not bad I guess!
And the song of the day: REM - Shiny happy people
11 April: Ul'yanovsk - Dimitrovgrad (20th of cycling),
A short trip, weather fine, road mostly good but north wind make a trip quite hard, even going down was quite difficult! As well finding acomodation. Alexander found one host for me but was quite late and therefore I stayed in a hotel. 1050RUR was the price. Quite ok for an european citizen.
Stats: 86.58km in 5h04m11s, total 3267.6km, AVG:17.1km/h
Song: Royksopp - Happy up here
And also thank You very much Alexander and her girlfriend for hosting me in Ulyanovsk! Also for the warm socks and head cap! And even tring to find me a host for my future trips! Any help about Europe just ask!
10 April: Alatyr' - Ul'yanovsk (19th of cycling),
Well, this time I start thanking for Irina, Husband and the rest of the BIG family and the relatives for everything! I sent my request to Irina, despite she doesn't speak english we still found something to communicate and was really such an experience and that language can be no problem at all to express ourselves!
Had the most original shower or bath or similar, but for them is just Banya, and it is really something! A must try! Then the great cooking with fresh fish and other fresh ingredients, home made spicy vodka, and soooo much to tell about them! I really love them! One of my best experiences so far! And I have to learn Russian as soon as possible for sure! At least i can read some!! Not bad!
About the cycling day! Well.. the morning was quite easy due to a great breakfast, had some ups an down the hills, but on the end of the day... the wind again...
Here is the stats: 171.03km in 9h04m01s Total:3181km AVG:18.9km/h
Song of the day: The Killers - Mr Brightside
09 April: Sergach - Alatyr' (18th of cycling)
Quite an easy day for the pedal, road mostly ok (specially outside populated areas), almost no traffic, many hills on the way, and very relaxing views on the way.
Had stayed on a pension in Sergach (350RUR only bed and shared shower, no breakfast)
Stats: 143.71km in 7h39m10s Total:3009.9km, AVG: 18.8km/h
Song: Muscles - Ice Cream
08 April: Nizhniy Novgorod - Sergach (17th of cycling)
From here I start to see the differences between the M and the other type of Russian roads such as P for example.
The M roads usually have much more traffic and by consequence makes the road conditions not that good! Once I left M7 and got the P162 it was really a big difference! Almost no traffic, road in great condition, much more relaxing! Even the air is more pure and without any dust! And had seen some nice little villages on the way, also interesting bus stops!
Stats: 169.25km in 8h26m26s Total: 2866.2km AVG: 20.1km/h
07 April: Pause day in Nizhniy Novgorod.
Finally a day without rain or snow or other kind of humidity! The city as a great view over the Volga river (the longest of Europe) and I have to thank Anastasia for hosting me there, and as we had spoken on the couchsurfing chat and belonging to our "chat family" I had to make her a visit! It was just too bad that I found her not in her good conditions (as she has to be a week in the hospital, so Anastasia, if You are reading this, the worse has gone! Be patient! Just a few more days! You are strong!
06 April: Train between Vladimir and Nizhniy Novgorod: As my previous day between Moscow and Vladimir had some extreme weather conditions on the afternoon, and as this trip would take more than 230km I decided to choose the safe way and go by train (My visa days are on the count, so I cannot stay more than the expected).
Was still some time to enjoy the snow from the train! At least is much warmer than cycling ate negative temperatures!
I have also have to thank Stephanie and her husband, kids and pets for a kind welcoming on my arrival on which I arrived completely wet and dirty and almost spreading water almost around the house! So, it was my pleasure to fix the toilet WC :) My pleasure! Hope You can save some water now!
Ah, and thanks for guiding me and helping me on the purchase of the train ticket as well!
05 April: Moscow - Vladimir (16th of cycling),
A wonderful morning, sunny, no wind, M7 mostly good, all highway, but afternoon arrived and with them, negative temperatures, snow mixed with rain, mud and lot's of dirt! I think I had a similar day somewhere else! And asking when spring will arrive!
Stats: 198.36km in 9h02m11s Total: 2694.7 AVG:22.0km/h
Song of the day: Rammstein - Moscau
02, 03 and 04 April: Moscow
As written before, my arrival to Moscow was by train at around 6AM and then made a 17km bike trip in direction of my host Andrei. Cycling at 6-7AM there is so fresh, just cleaned and almost no traffic there, and is also nice to enjoy the morning sun with some clouds around, really refreshing!
About my host, I just feel sorry for making him wake up too early 2 times (on my arrival and my early departure), it is really kind from You to let me stay there despite these inconvenient times! However also had my first Banya session with him and his friends, if You are used to Sauna... forget about it! Then had some vodka tasting and of course hang out with his friends and neighours as well! Ah, her girlfriend cooks very well! Very tasty meals!
About the city of Moscow, I guess many of You already know the city or the postcards of it, and I have also to add to the recomendations a visit on the line 5 (or brown or circular) of the moscow Metro and see the art on almost all the stations of this line! The price is just 22RUR, so You will not lose anything! And is really also funny to stay on the rolling stairs and see the amusing faces and the routine in their heads! Seriously a must!


  1. Sergio, this adventure seems so interesting! How far are you into your trip so far? Halfway yet? The U.S. is calling your name!

    Mary (Couchsurfer/Facebook)

  2. Força aí grande Sérgio MicroChip :) o/

  3. Fora o facto de andares quase 8h por dia a pedalar parece tudo perfeito! Até eu conseguia lol Quando é que vens a Portugal?

    "Força nas canetas".