Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 10 (9 of cycling) Kaunas-Panevezys

Today as a nice resting day in A1 (highway) and A8. In Lithuania ia quite allowed to cycle in the highways, which is nice! I don't mind at all!
However the north wind was not my friend (as I expected) but the weather was great to enjoy the landscape!
And the daily stats are: 106.22km in 6h28m47 Total:1612.1km AVG:16.4km/h
And the photo of the day: ( a good joke if You understand Portuguese)
Kaunas-Panevezys - Share on Ovi

And the song of the day: The Killers - Spaceman

By the way I would like to thank Aura and her partner for hosting me in Kaunas and made a delicious vegetarian dinner/breakfast! And still kind enough to wash my dirty clothes! Thank You!

And also thanks for the motivation SMS which I had got during my way as well!
You can send me free sms from feel free to use the service! nd tell me your name on the sms! It's free for both of us :)

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