Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The first post:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the begining of this blog on which may take You around somewhere You and I had never been before.
After cycling all Portugal, the Alps between Zurich and Vienna, the Etna mountain in Sicily and half Europe... why not cycling the world? Of course it is a much longer journey but there are many many things to see around this globe... right?
I had this in mind since long time, but then worrying about money, stability at work (seems they love the word crises), making projects for the future and seeing them not being realized, mainly to most of the fact that I need someone for those projects, I just decided to life the present (responsibly), and about the future... let's see what will bring.
As I am not good into making stories let's start what is this blog about:
I had been measuring some routes via, viamichelin, and google earth, I had measured this route:
World map route - Share on Ovi
And for the first part of the trip it will be only 15634km from Düsseldorf to Singapore via Tallin, St Petersburg, Moscow, Bishkek, Tibet, Nepal, East India and Thainland. And of course the lowest cost as possible!
I just bought a bike on eBay (due to the fact that my previous bike was stolen in the Netherlands (which I spent most of the amazing moments of my life!), and which I may get it during next week, if nothing wrong happen. So.. let's see.

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