Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the expected Eurasia Route:

Dusseldorf Paderborn 170km
Paderborn Wolfsburg 192km
Wolfsburg Berlin 219km
Berlin (DE) Gorzow Wielkopolski (PL) 145km
Gorzow Wielkopolski Gniezno 184km
Gniezno Torun 102km
Torun Olsztyn 177km
Olsztyn Suwalki 196km
Suwalki (PL) Ramigala (LT) 210km
Ramigala (LT) Riga (LV) 184km
Riga (LV) Parnu (EE) 182km
Parnu Tallin 142km
Tallin Narva 238km
Narva (EE) Sankt Petersburg (RU) 167km
Sankt Petersburg Novgorod 203km
Novgorod Bologoye 220km
Bologoye Tver' 190km
Tver' Moskva 196km
Moskva Kolomna 127km
Kolomna Ryazan 82km
Ryazan Shatsk 181km
Shatsk Nizhniy Lomov 178km
Nizhniy Lomov Penza 105km
Penza Kuznetsk 123km
Kuznetsk Syzram 139km
Syzram Samara 181km
Samara Buzukuk 188km
Buzuluk Sorochinsk 83km
Sorochinsk Orenburg 166km
Orenburg Akbulak 111km
Abkulak (RU) Aktobe (KZ) 154km
Aktobe Embi 187km
Embi Shalqan 173km
Shalqan Aralsk 215km
Aralsk Zhangaqazaly 130km
Zhangaqazaly Zhosaly 185km
Zhosaly Ksyl-Orda 156km
Ksyl-Orda Yanikurgan 184km
Yanikurgan Kentau 144km
Kentau Zhantas 158km
Zhantas Zhambyl 171km
Zhambyl Merke 158km
Merke (KZ) Bishkek (KG) 118km
Bishkek Rybach'ye/Baly Kchy 172km
Rybach'ye/Baly Kchy Naryn 178km
Naryn Akbeit 120km
Akbeit (KG) Baykut (CN) 170km
Baykut Kashi 80km
Kashi Yarkant 195km
Yarkant Kokyar 130km
Kokyar Mazar 147km
Mazar Kangxinar 178km
Kangxinar Shuihai 142km
Shuihai Sogma 147km
Sogma Rutog 190km
Rutog Zhaxigang 120km
Zhaxigang Garyarsa 123km
Garyarsa Hor 220km
Hor Bunsum 155km
Bunsum Zhabdun 135km
Zhabdun Gya'gya 153km
Gya'gya Sang Sang 134km
Sang Sang Quxar 110km
Quxar Tingri 138km
Tingri Zham 121km
Zham (CN) Kathmandhu (NP) 103km
Kathmandu Lalbhitti 174km
Lalbhitti Ithari 166km
Ithari (NP) Shiliguri (IN) 117km
Shiliguri Alipur Duar 172km
Alipur Duar Barpeta 176km
Barpeta Shillong 161km
Shillong Silchar 152km
Silchar Imphal 142km
Imphal (IN) Tamu (MM) 90km
Tamu Kawlin 180km
Kawlin Male 163km
Male Kyankme 165km
Kyankme Tonglam 127km
Tonglam Mong Hsam 139km
Mong Hsam Mong Pan 137km
Mong Pan Wanlonghpakhpit 117km
Wanlonghpakhpit (MM) Chiang Mai (TH) 135km
Chiang Mai Bang Phae Luang 171km
Bang Phae Luang Kamphaeng Phet 165km
Kamphaeng Phet Chainat 177km
Chainat Bangkok 183km
Bangkok Hua Hin 183km
Hua Hin Bang Saphan 170km
Bang Saphan Langsuan 175km
Langsuam Wiang Sra 172km
Wiang Sra Phattalung 173km
Phattalung Sadao 146km
Sadao (TH) Utara (MY) 167km
Utara Kampar 182km
Kampar Kuala Lumpur 164km
Kuala Lumpur Melaka 164km
Melaka Pontiar Kechil 172km
Pontiar Kechil (MY) Singapore (SG) 82km

Making a total of 15634km. Seems a good start.. right? If Obama can, for sure I also can!
Let's see how the weather will be during my way! However I like some challenges! And this is definitly the challenge of a lifetime!

The first post:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the begining of this blog on which may take You around somewhere You and I had never been before.
After cycling all Portugal, the Alps between Zurich and Vienna, the Etna mountain in Sicily and half Europe... why not cycling the world? Of course it is a much longer journey but there are many many things to see around this globe... right?
I had this in mind since long time, but then worrying about money, stability at work (seems they love the word crises), making projects for the future and seeing them not being realized, mainly to most of the fact that I need someone for those projects, I just decided to life the present (responsibly), and about the future... let's see what will bring.
As I am not good into making stories let's start what is this blog about:
I had been measuring some routes via, viamichelin, and google earth, I had measured this route:
World map route - Share on Ovi
And for the first part of the trip it will be only 15634km from Düsseldorf to Singapore via Tallin, St Petersburg, Moscow, Bishkek, Tibet, Nepal, East India and Thainland. And of course the lowest cost as possible!
I just bought a bike on eBay (due to the fact that my previous bike was stolen in the Netherlands (which I spent most of the amazing moments of my life!), and which I may get it during next week, if nothing wrong happen. So.. let's see.