Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank You everyone!

Well as some of You may know, due to the visa situation and the expenses with them, I had to suspend this adventure due to waiting times for these visas (Kazakhstan and Kirghistan at least), which made me arrive late for Alaska (if I could earn founds or had any gift from some airline), making it impossible to visit.
I had my founds counted well for at least reach Australia, and when the money ends, then activate my insurance to return to Portugal.
So I could say that i am proud to survive Russia (was always a myth), but come on! Don't paint it black as many people claim! It was purely normal to cycle in Russia, or Poland or even Germany (of course not having bike routes), so if You behave well and be modest, nothing will happen to You and You will share only the positive things of any adventure You make!
So, i had some lessons, specially for visa bureaucracy, which for me is more for business than real security or border control, and made me think the world we are living, however I don't care about politics, I only care about people and hope to make everyone comfortable when sharing experiences with them!
So, if I don't get married or have a super job or get bored (but this time with extra budget) I may continue this adventure and better planned of course, and this time not depending on anyone (financially speaking of course).
So I can say that I can survive to extreme weather but not to bureaucracy.
Thank You for all the motivation You gave me, to everyone I met on the way, to the couchsurfers who hosted me and made me feel like I never felt before, making me feel soo welcome even if were for few hours! I wished I could stay much longer, It makes me want to repeat the same route with much more days for my hosts, really really thank You! It was really something (right Andrei?)
So for this finale here are some pics of my last day of cycling in Moscow:
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
Russians can speak English! But only with Russian letters :)
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
One fake photo for some people:
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
If anyone knows this lady please tell her:
Moscow (last cycling day) - Share on Ovi
I had recorded the KLM file of my cycling day in Moscow, so You can see for yourself.
Recommended to use Google Earth.

Also the doubts about trains, I has written here my train parts, but to remove any doubts I say that I had traveled by train between Saint Petersburg (due to visa registration, and safety told by some people), Vladimir-Nizhniy Novgorod (due to possible bad weather and recommendation of my host), Samara-Moscow (getting new Visas and leave Russia), Moscow-Riga (leaving Russia before new visa expires).

And that's it! Thank You for everything! Really thank You! I am really sorry for not be able to continue, but hope that will be done in a very new future.
See you in Portugal (at least)!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And still with Bureaucracy

Ok... As You can see these paperwork stuff is really demoralizing me!
The thing about Kazakhstan was that Portugal has no embassy there and vice versa, so I assumed that I could get the visa at the border.
But this waiting time in Moscow (had to go to the travel agency who made the invitation letter and request new visa for at least leave Russia legally), is really making me change my mind, because asking for new Visa is making increase the expenses and also losing very precious time if I intend to continue.
So... for now i just intend to have the new Russian visa and have enough time to go back to Schengen area.
And now seems that some people doubt about this travel and even with experiences ones say that I have very few baggage. So... to them I suggest: Remove the tent and the sleeping bag and see what You have there. but if the doubts still remains seems I have to remove everything and show them what I have!
About traveling on trains, I said the parts who were done by train! Does people read everything what is written? Even also had You seen ALL the photos?
However.. You can make any questions and investigate if you want! Take Your time!

About leaving Russia, hope to know dates tomorrow, as I go to government office tomorrow with the travel agency (they speak Russian).

Friday, April 17, 2009

And bureaucratic problems just started!

Good evening!
Now that I had arrived to the border (and I surprised of an international border have no one who is able to speak English), and after some hours of waiting, while Russia and Kazakhstan borders were exchanging calls, I think I was still the hero of the day by bringing one Russian officer to the Kazakhstan side, and even so, no one speaking English, they informed that I should get the Visas all in Moscow!
As my Russian Visa will expire tomorrow (and i mentioned that) they said there were no problems in get the Russian part (however they have my Russian visa form, so I was leaving on legal date for Russia).
So and this is quite in a hurry and my first thing to do is get visa extended for Russia, it made me have of the following thoughts (due to finance and had no financial sponsorship or donation):
A: Check the price for train and visa to China, start cycling from Beijing till Singapore and continuing the planned route.
B: Just get the extra days for Russian visa and just come back to European union and just end this attempt of cycling the world.
Well.. that's it for now. Excluding extending the Russian visa, i don't know what to do or where to go, as i believe buying the visas for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and other permits will empty my wallet (and this excluding the train trip to the border as well).

So.. stats of today: B.Chern. - Border RU/KZ - B.Chern. 114.07km in 6h42m33s, Total:3696.9km AVG: 17.0km/h (Opposite side wind in both ways)
Photo of the day: I saw Kazakhstan! But didn't crossed :(

Bol'shaya Chernigovka - Border RU/KZ - Share on Ovi

Song of the day: Yeah Yeah Yes - Zero

And Yesterday: Samara - Bol'shaya Chernigovka:153.09km in 7h33m50s, Total: 3582.9km, AVG: 20.2km/h (The warmest day I had in Russia, felt like really spring! But I was sooo used to the cold...)

The pic: Diesel power
Samara - Bol'shaya Chernigovka - Share on Ovi

And the song: Likky Lee and Royksopp - Miss it so much

And by the way!! i have to thank Anastassia and her mother for hosting me in Samara during the previous days and also tonight when I need to return to Moscow tomorrow!

And also someone who should i thank Manuel Santos (in Germany)from the beginning of my journey for hosting me some weeks before this quest and also gave me a great help on preparing this trip as well!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Between Moscow and Samara... so many things to tell!

Good evening!
Finally arrived to Samara and with some time to keep the posts updated!
On some places I had no internet, some I arrived late to my hosts and of course, I have to spend more time with my hosts in stead of spending the time on internet! I hope You apologize me for that.
So... here is the update between Moscow and Samara:
12 April: Dimitrovgrad - Samara (21th of cycling),
The easiest day for cycle so far! The north wind was a good friend of mine, roads were mostly ok (exception of M5 on the arrival to Samara), clear blue sky and for the 1st time temperatures above 10 degrees! Finally!
The stats was: 162.05km in 7h03m37s, Total:3429.6km, AVG: 23km/h, Not bad I guess!
And the song of the day: REM - Shiny happy people
11 April: Ul'yanovsk - Dimitrovgrad (20th of cycling),
A short trip, weather fine, road mostly good but north wind make a trip quite hard, even going down was quite difficult! As well finding acomodation. Alexander found one host for me but was quite late and therefore I stayed in a hotel. 1050RUR was the price. Quite ok for an european citizen.
Stats: 86.58km in 5h04m11s, total 3267.6km, AVG:17.1km/h
Song: Royksopp - Happy up here
And also thank You very much Alexander and her girlfriend for hosting me in Ulyanovsk! Also for the warm socks and head cap! And even tring to find me a host for my future trips! Any help about Europe just ask!
10 April: Alatyr' - Ul'yanovsk (19th of cycling),
Well, this time I start thanking for Irina, Husband and the rest of the BIG family and the relatives for everything! I sent my request to Irina, despite she doesn't speak english we still found something to communicate and was really such an experience and that language can be no problem at all to express ourselves!
Had the most original shower or bath or similar, but for them is just Banya, and it is really something! A must try! Then the great cooking with fresh fish and other fresh ingredients, home made spicy vodka, and soooo much to tell about them! I really love them! One of my best experiences so far! And I have to learn Russian as soon as possible for sure! At least i can read some!! Not bad!
About the cycling day! Well.. the morning was quite easy due to a great breakfast, had some ups an down the hills, but on the end of the day... the wind again...
Here is the stats: 171.03km in 9h04m01s Total:3181km AVG:18.9km/h
Song of the day: The Killers - Mr Brightside
09 April: Sergach - Alatyr' (18th of cycling)
Quite an easy day for the pedal, road mostly ok (specially outside populated areas), almost no traffic, many hills on the way, and very relaxing views on the way.
Had stayed on a pension in Sergach (350RUR only bed and shared shower, no breakfast)
Stats: 143.71km in 7h39m10s Total:3009.9km, AVG: 18.8km/h
Song: Muscles - Ice Cream
08 April: Nizhniy Novgorod - Sergach (17th of cycling)
From here I start to see the differences between the M and the other type of Russian roads such as P for example.
The M roads usually have much more traffic and by consequence makes the road conditions not that good! Once I left M7 and got the P162 it was really a big difference! Almost no traffic, road in great condition, much more relaxing! Even the air is more pure and without any dust! And had seen some nice little villages on the way, also interesting bus stops!
Stats: 169.25km in 8h26m26s Total: 2866.2km AVG: 20.1km/h
07 April: Pause day in Nizhniy Novgorod.
Finally a day without rain or snow or other kind of humidity! The city as a great view over the Volga river (the longest of Europe) and I have to thank Anastasia for hosting me there, and as we had spoken on the couchsurfing chat and belonging to our "chat family" I had to make her a visit! It was just too bad that I found her not in her good conditions (as she has to be a week in the hospital, so Anastasia, if You are reading this, the worse has gone! Be patient! Just a few more days! You are strong!
06 April: Train between Vladimir and Nizhniy Novgorod: As my previous day between Moscow and Vladimir had some extreme weather conditions on the afternoon, and as this trip would take more than 230km I decided to choose the safe way and go by train (My visa days are on the count, so I cannot stay more than the expected).
Was still some time to enjoy the snow from the train! At least is much warmer than cycling ate negative temperatures!
I have also have to thank Stephanie and her husband, kids and pets for a kind welcoming on my arrival on which I arrived completely wet and dirty and almost spreading water almost around the house! So, it was my pleasure to fix the toilet WC :) My pleasure! Hope You can save some water now!
Ah, and thanks for guiding me and helping me on the purchase of the train ticket as well!
05 April: Moscow - Vladimir (16th of cycling),
A wonderful morning, sunny, no wind, M7 mostly good, all highway, but afternoon arrived and with them, negative temperatures, snow mixed with rain, mud and lot's of dirt! I think I had a similar day somewhere else! And asking when spring will arrive!
Stats: 198.36km in 9h02m11s Total: 2694.7 AVG:22.0km/h
Song of the day: Rammstein - Moscau
02, 03 and 04 April: Moscow
As written before, my arrival to Moscow was by train at around 6AM and then made a 17km bike trip in direction of my host Andrei. Cycling at 6-7AM there is so fresh, just cleaned and almost no traffic there, and is also nice to enjoy the morning sun with some clouds around, really refreshing!
About my host, I just feel sorry for making him wake up too early 2 times (on my arrival and my early departure), it is really kind from You to let me stay there despite these inconvenient times! However also had my first Banya session with him and his friends, if You are used to Sauna... forget about it! Then had some vodka tasting and of course hang out with his friends and neighours as well! Ah, her girlfriend cooks very well! Very tasty meals!
About the city of Moscow, I guess many of You already know the city or the postcards of it, and I have also to add to the recomendations a visit on the line 5 (or brown or circular) of the moscow Metro and see the art on almost all the stations of this line! The price is just 22RUR, so You will not lose anything! And is really also funny to stay on the rolling stairs and see the amusing faces and the routine in their heads! Seriously a must!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Saint Petersburg and Moscow

Good morning!
At the moment I am in Moscow, after spending some great days in Saint Petersburg (courtesy of my great host Alyona, who had great patiente for hosting me and showing me the city, tell the story of the city and also for the great cooking sessions! Even being vegetarian cooking! And helping me on the purchase of the train ticket to Moscow. Also thanks Katerina as well, also had a goos time with her!)
About the night train it was really a great experience! Staring to ask if I could bring the bike on the train, then telling me to put the bike on the 1st carriage and with all the misunderstandings I putted the bike over my bed and problem solved! It fit's!
My bike on S. Petersburg-Moscow night train - Share on Ovi
Soon I will tell about my arrival to Moscow!
See You!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 16 (14 of cycling) Narva-Saint Petersburg

Good evening, sorry for the late post, had some late arrival and many stuff of mine to clean!
The day started cloudy, then strong snow and rain between the km 30 and 100 and most part of the road were completely full of holes and road in bad shape, however the road is very good on the latest 50km to arrive to Saint Petersburg, and of course the wind from east!
Crossing the border was quite fast for what I thought! But still had to fill out the Visa form which was the only delay (and of course, the many people who wanted to cross on foot or bike).
Had a very nice welcome on the Russian side! Really no inspection, just showed my passport with Visa included, then I insisted in show the consulate receipt (to proof that was more than legal way), and everything's fine! So, they liked my arrival and saluted me!
Now that i am inside Russia, i have to register my visa, which will take me more extra days in Saint Petersbug.
And according to what my host and friends in Saint Petersburg, they recommended me to avoid Bologoye and Tver' due to very unsafe situations and possible life risk, so it made me "cheat" on my cycling, which will make me get the train to Moscow, so more days to explore both cities.
The stat of the day was 165.01km in 8h35m53s total:2478.8km AVG:19.2km/h
And the pic of the day, to confirm the weather I had:

Narva-Saint Petersburg - Share on Ovi

Music of the day was the recorded MQ3 and Bons Rapazes from Antena 3 Portugal.
You can listen on streaming on (MQ3) (Bons Rapazes! what a great company!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 15 (13 of cycling) Tallin-Narva

Ok... the worst day so far!
Usually the wind blows from west, but unfortunately decided to blow from east right on the moment that I am making complete east side! So.. today and tomorrow!
So.. just have the stats today... Tomorrow have to add 2 hours on the clock (summer time and entering Russia)
Route: 211.30 km in 12h15m43s, total 2313.7km AVG: 17.2km/h
By the way, snow and rain most of the time, only made one photo, I am really angry with this wind! Seriously, but I have my mission, so.. have to face the obstacles.
I apologize for this heavy post.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 14 (12 of cycling) Parnu-Tallin

Ok... Finally arrived to Tallin! And hopefully my last day with wind against me!
Today was a very happy and funny day to me!
My host Katrin is a professional massagist and offered me massages on my legs, and really worth it! I was able to face the snow storm quite after my departure from Parnu! Really thank You for that! But is not allowed to say after the session! But I am really thankful!
Then after few kilometers I was stopped by the Estonian police, asked him if he spoke English, he said no, then I explained about my trip and showed him my route plan called me crazy, saluted me, wished me luck and offered me a souvenir! So the Police is a good friend of the citizen and travelers! It deserved the pic of the day:
Parnu-Tallin - Share on Ovi

Song of the day: The Foals - Big big love

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 13 (11 of cycling) Riga-Parnu

Good evening, as today i arrived quite late, this will be a quick post again.
The north wind was again not my friend, temperature was negative most of the time, but was a beautiful day in general.
Tomorrow will be the last day heading north, so I hope I will have good wind most of my way!
Photo of the day:
Riga and Riga-Parnu - Share on Ovi

Song of the day: Mando Diao - Dance with somebody

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 11 (10 of cycling) Panevezys-Riga

Good evening once again, now live from beautiful Riga!
Weather was great today, no wind, but I had to be protected against the freezing temperatures.
Road was mostly ok, with expection of some damaged roads on the populated area and on the last 20km arriving to Riga.
Tomorrow will be my resting day for remember a bit more of this sweet city.
Here are the sats of the day: 158.69km in 7h22m06s total:1770.8km AVG:21.5km/h

Photo of the day: (Yes, Martini is in Latvia)

Panevezys - Riga - Share on Ovi

The song of the day: Philip Glass - Runaway Horses (Mishima soundtrack)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 10 (9 of cycling) Kaunas-Panevezys

Today as a nice resting day in A1 (highway) and A8. In Lithuania ia quite allowed to cycle in the highways, which is nice! I don't mind at all!
However the north wind was not my friend (as I expected) but the weather was great to enjoy the landscape!
And the daily stats are: 106.22km in 6h28m47 Total:1612.1km AVG:16.4km/h
And the photo of the day: ( a good joke if You understand Portuguese)
Kaunas-Panevezys - Share on Ovi

And the song of the day: The Killers - Spaceman

By the way I would like to thank Aura and her partner for hosting me in Kaunas and made a delicious vegetarian dinner/breakfast! And still kind enough to wash my dirty clothes! Thank You!

And also thanks for the motivation SMS which I had got during my way as well!
You can send me free sms from feel free to use the service! nd tell me your name on the sms! It's free for both of us :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Days 8 and 9 (7 and 8 of cycling) Olsztyn-Olecko-Kaunas (Lithuania)

Good evening!
As I had no internet in Olecko, the previous post was not updated (as well the photos) so here is a 2 in 1 post.
About Olecko-Kaunas (Lithuania) was very very easy day, also with lot's of snow on most of the trip (snowing right after had entered Lithuania) but was a really fast trip. The wind this time was a good friend and adding that to the many trucks who passed by me and gave me a great help by giving some wind for me!
Was a trip sooo easy that I only ate half sandwich and drinked only one can (200ml) of one energy drink (or that or beer, no other drinks to choose on that Polish service area), just to get rid of some polish coins (drinks and food are extremly cheap compared to Germany).
Arrived to Kaunas quite early than expected, but was around 1 hour to find my host's place (numbering issue!)
About road conditons N8 and A5 are perfect for cycling! Good and wide roads
Here is the stats: 167.19km in 7h34m37s total: 1505.9 AVG: 22.1km/h

The picture (N8 going to Lithuania):
Olecko (PL)-Kaunas(LT) - Share on Ovi
Don't worry about the temperature! Worry about the wind!

Song of the day: Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream


About the route Olsztyn-Olecko, was a white day, starting the day very fresh and still thanking Anieta and Woigtek (hope to had written correctly) for the great acomodation and remembering the hosting of 3 years ago and see what had happened during all those times. During the cycling, as there were lots of snow was a perfect day to be fulfilled with mud, and the trip could had been easier if the valve of the front wheel tyre didn't got damaged (malfunction I mean) however here are the stats: 164.9km in 9h09m54s total 1338.7km avg 18km/h.
I had updated the info via twitter/facebook, so on cases I don't have internet access, the stats will be updated daily (as long i have GSM coverage as well).
I had stayed in a kind of hotel, but the room was soo tiny... well... no comments!
Paid 72PLN, for night and breakfast (the recepcionist could not speak any other language beside Polish, advantages? I used my Dutch train discount and used as student card! So there was some discount!)
And the photo of that day:
Olsztyn-Olecko - Share on Ovi

Song of the day: Franz Ferdinand - Can't stop feeling

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 7, 6th of Cycling: Bydgoszcz-Olsztyn (March 19)

Good evening!
Today was a day full of anger! Specially because of th wind was against me all the time and never stop changing direction!
It also snowed during the way, but didnt bored with cold! I called all the possible and imaginary names to the reverse wind! Once on a while it's ok, but all the time.. come on!! What have I done? I bring love, not war! Hope the wind understands me!
Well.. now in Olsztyn I am being hosted for a wonderful couple which had hosted me 3 years ago! Great to see them again! And is nice to walk (only for a bit) on the white city! But wait a minute.... Isn't spring already?
Well... here are the stats:
205.27km in 11h32m45s total: 1173.8km AVG:18.5km/h
Some snow and wind on the way.
Had only taken one photo but I will upload them when I have some real rest!
Just came from a big dinner offered by my sweet hosts Anieta and Woigtek!
(hosted me 3 years ago! Great to see them again!)

Now the photo:
Gorzow Wielkopolski - Bydgoszcz - Share on Ovi
Pronounced Piua (not Pila)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 6, 5th of Cycling: Gorzow Wielkopolski - Bydgoszcz

Good evening, as this was a long long day of cycling (13 hours) and mostly against the wind which made me arrive quite late at Zero degrees I just leave the sats:
220.88km 11h54m26s total: 968.58km AVG:18.8km/h and departed at 7.30 arrived 21:00

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 5, 4th of Cycling: Berlin - Gorzow Wielkopolski

Good evening,
Today was very easy in Germany, but hard on the last 10km on the arrival on the Polish side
The wind was a great friend of me when blowing from west, but after few km after entered Poland, the wind changed to North and as i trusted on the road signs, they made me make more 10km! And heading North! Well... the this is still flat area!
I will make a small change on the route and will be via Gorzow Wielkopolski - Bydgoszcz - Olsztyn - Suwalki and possibly Kaunas and Panevesys in Lithuania
Let's see how the wind blows!

Thank You Peter for a great host in Berlin once again! And Mike make sure you get better and get Your hitchhike plans to Iran as You expect! Great luck!

Here is the pic of the day (feel the wind):

Berlin - Gorzow Wielkopolski - Share on Ovi

And song of the day: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3, Sunday 15th March: Wolfsburg-Berlin

This route was very easy to make, despite the rain I had almost all the time, the wind gave me a great help! Had made 211.82km in 9h49m11s at average speed of 21.6km/h.
There were no mountains or ups and downs but i could say that I hadn't found any supermarket, petrol station or any other refill area for around 80km! Luckly I found a nice German old man who was watching his post mail (but on Sunday????) and asked some water and continue my journey more easily!
Thank You old man!
About the night I crashed into a private party with some drinks and met people from Colombia, Italy, Russia and Germany (of course)
So.. Monday was a relaxing day to see the city and the miniature wonderland!
Thank You Peter (for hosting me in Berlin these 2 nights!
Photo of the day trip:

Day 3 Wolsburg-Berlin - Share on Ovi

Song of the day: The killers - This is Your life

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 2, Saturday 14th March: Paderborn-Wolfsburg

Good evening, today I arrived late so I don't have much time to put a decent post, so here are the stats of today:
198.55km in 11h02m43s,AVG 18.1km/h, 2 mountains on the way and rain on the last 30km at night.

(now updated)
First of all I would like to thank Sabrina and Aljoscha for a great hosting in Paderborn on which they made me a great dinner despite my late arrival, and also a cake, which was my meal of the day! The only expense I had was a liter of Fanta from a Petrol station (1.75euro).
And of course thank Barbara for hosting me in Wolfsburg and which I loved the "Atum" as well! Very yammy!
But I still have to find much better words to describe all this experience!

The photo of the day:
Day 2 Paderborn-Wolsburg - Share on Ovi

Songof the day: Cut Copy - Far Away

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 1, Friday 13th March: Dusseldorf-Dortmund-Paderborn

Ok... first day is done!
Made 182.45km in 10h02m39s, despite that i had departed at 09:05 and arrived at 21:05
Complete 12 hours!
Had many many red lights on the way and I had a long way on which wasted more 10km than the expected:
Weather was great! 9 degrees (Celsius) on the departure and some light clouds and no rain!
I really didnt cycled since 2007, so I am really really rusty! But is just the begining!
Here is the photo of the day (Departure point in Dusseldorf)
Day 1 Dusseldorf-Paderborn - Share on Ovi

And the song of the day: U2 - Magnificent (Only love can leave such a mark! And it's true!)
Tomorrow time to go to Wolfsburg

PS: More photos are in

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The day before.... Ohh this ansiety!

Well, I just picked up my russian Visa today on a cold rainy day, on which will be my weather for tomorrow!
Yup, I can say that I am really quite like non stop! Soo many things to bring with very few space! And of course bring some souvenirs to my hosts!
Wait for meee!!! I'm coming I'm coming! Slowly, but I'm coming!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And the departure day is....

... Friday, the 13th of March at 09:00 from Düsseldorf Burgplatz (right in front of the Rhein river).
Have to wait for some visa stuff for Russia, invitation letters and all their bureacuracy, but I am optimistic that they will make it on time!
So... Extra days in Berlin, Riga and Tallin. Expected arival to St Petersburg at 29th of March.

About my electronic stuff I can say that I am already 220 Volt free as I was able to make a charger with 2 dynamos and solar panel charging 9.6V/2500mAh batteries on which are able to charge my little Asus EEE 701 (9V), the camera batteries (3.7 and 8.4Volt) and the mobile phone (5V)
Here is the first photo taken with a good old friend Cesar while I hosted him here in Dusseldorf:

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the expected Eurasia Route:

Dusseldorf Paderborn 170km
Paderborn Wolfsburg 192km
Wolfsburg Berlin 219km
Berlin (DE) Gorzow Wielkopolski (PL) 145km
Gorzow Wielkopolski Gniezno 184km
Gniezno Torun 102km
Torun Olsztyn 177km
Olsztyn Suwalki 196km
Suwalki (PL) Ramigala (LT) 210km
Ramigala (LT) Riga (LV) 184km
Riga (LV) Parnu (EE) 182km
Parnu Tallin 142km
Tallin Narva 238km
Narva (EE) Sankt Petersburg (RU) 167km
Sankt Petersburg Novgorod 203km
Novgorod Bologoye 220km
Bologoye Tver' 190km
Tver' Moskva 196km
Moskva Kolomna 127km
Kolomna Ryazan 82km
Ryazan Shatsk 181km
Shatsk Nizhniy Lomov 178km
Nizhniy Lomov Penza 105km
Penza Kuznetsk 123km
Kuznetsk Syzram 139km
Syzram Samara 181km
Samara Buzukuk 188km
Buzuluk Sorochinsk 83km
Sorochinsk Orenburg 166km
Orenburg Akbulak 111km
Abkulak (RU) Aktobe (KZ) 154km
Aktobe Embi 187km
Embi Shalqan 173km
Shalqan Aralsk 215km
Aralsk Zhangaqazaly 130km
Zhangaqazaly Zhosaly 185km
Zhosaly Ksyl-Orda 156km
Ksyl-Orda Yanikurgan 184km
Yanikurgan Kentau 144km
Kentau Zhantas 158km
Zhantas Zhambyl 171km
Zhambyl Merke 158km
Merke (KZ) Bishkek (KG) 118km
Bishkek Rybach'ye/Baly Kchy 172km
Rybach'ye/Baly Kchy Naryn 178km
Naryn Akbeit 120km
Akbeit (KG) Baykut (CN) 170km
Baykut Kashi 80km
Kashi Yarkant 195km
Yarkant Kokyar 130km
Kokyar Mazar 147km
Mazar Kangxinar 178km
Kangxinar Shuihai 142km
Shuihai Sogma 147km
Sogma Rutog 190km
Rutog Zhaxigang 120km
Zhaxigang Garyarsa 123km
Garyarsa Hor 220km
Hor Bunsum 155km
Bunsum Zhabdun 135km
Zhabdun Gya'gya 153km
Gya'gya Sang Sang 134km
Sang Sang Quxar 110km
Quxar Tingri 138km
Tingri Zham 121km
Zham (CN) Kathmandhu (NP) 103km
Kathmandu Lalbhitti 174km
Lalbhitti Ithari 166km
Ithari (NP) Shiliguri (IN) 117km
Shiliguri Alipur Duar 172km
Alipur Duar Barpeta 176km
Barpeta Shillong 161km
Shillong Silchar 152km
Silchar Imphal 142km
Imphal (IN) Tamu (MM) 90km
Tamu Kawlin 180km
Kawlin Male 163km
Male Kyankme 165km
Kyankme Tonglam 127km
Tonglam Mong Hsam 139km
Mong Hsam Mong Pan 137km
Mong Pan Wanlonghpakhpit 117km
Wanlonghpakhpit (MM) Chiang Mai (TH) 135km
Chiang Mai Bang Phae Luang 171km
Bang Phae Luang Kamphaeng Phet 165km
Kamphaeng Phet Chainat 177km
Chainat Bangkok 183km
Bangkok Hua Hin 183km
Hua Hin Bang Saphan 170km
Bang Saphan Langsuan 175km
Langsuam Wiang Sra 172km
Wiang Sra Phattalung 173km
Phattalung Sadao 146km
Sadao (TH) Utara (MY) 167km
Utara Kampar 182km
Kampar Kuala Lumpur 164km
Kuala Lumpur Melaka 164km
Melaka Pontiar Kechil 172km
Pontiar Kechil (MY) Singapore (SG) 82km

Making a total of 15634km. Seems a good start.. right? If Obama can, for sure I also can!
Let's see how the weather will be during my way! However I like some challenges! And this is definitly the challenge of a lifetime!

The first post:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the begining of this blog on which may take You around somewhere You and I had never been before.
After cycling all Portugal, the Alps between Zurich and Vienna, the Etna mountain in Sicily and half Europe... why not cycling the world? Of course it is a much longer journey but there are many many things to see around this globe... right?
I had this in mind since long time, but then worrying about money, stability at work (seems they love the word crises), making projects for the future and seeing them not being realized, mainly to most of the fact that I need someone for those projects, I just decided to life the present (responsibly), and about the future... let's see what will bring.
As I am not good into making stories let's start what is this blog about:
I had been measuring some routes via, viamichelin, and google earth, I had measured this route:
World map route - Share on Ovi
And for the first part of the trip it will be only 15634km from Düsseldorf to Singapore via Tallin, St Petersburg, Moscow, Bishkek, Tibet, Nepal, East India and Thainland. And of course the lowest cost as possible!
I just bought a bike on eBay (due to the fact that my previous bike was stolen in the Netherlands (which I spent most of the amazing moments of my life!), and which I may get it during next week, if nothing wrong happen. So.. let's see.